Derek Irving posted Ok - what blew you away?

I was blown away in the Fan Reach and Marketing/Branding panels. Being an indie artist it was positive to hear that there "is" a chance for indie artists. Of course if your established with a fan base it's easier to reach fans with your brand, but as an up and coming indie band playing blues trash it's good to know that I have hope. Got me thinking, I'd like to have my band sponsored by someone who makes hair pomade or wax. My only feedback would... [read more]

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On May 17th, the night before the summit, 50 or so folks will get together in the O Izakaya Lounge (most likely around the group tables, though possibly upstairs) for an informal, no host get together. Folks will probably be hanging around later, but we need to head out for last minute prep. Look forward to seeing everybody there tonight. :-)

Matt Burrows: Right on, Brian. See you then.

Sun, May 17 at 10:34AM (1 comment)

I'm so looking forward to the SF Music Tech Summit because last week I lost my job to china. Network Network is my goal ! Damn - I buy US cars, support US companies but made the mistake of working for a company which outsoures to china. So now I'm looking for a new day job. Also my blues trash band The Aces have a CD coming out in the fall which I'll be marketing with Social Media and online press releases. So I, looking for Social Media work, Ma... [read more]

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Keith Crosley posted Ah, Cocktails!

Looking forward to the whole conference... But chill with me in the bar on Sunday night for cocktails. Nothing is better than pre-conference cocktails on a Sunday night. Cheers, Keith

Matt Burrows: Ditto to Mr. Murphy's post.
Carolyn McCoy: I am wondering if it is all about the cocktail party.....
Shelley Champine: what time is that happening?

Sat, May 16 at 8:20PM (5 comments)

Tony Stubblebine posted Mobile CrowdVine

Just a heads up that if you visit this site from any mobile phone, you'll get a mobile optimized version with the conference schedule, your personal schedule, and your want-to-meet list. It's meant to be a convenience when you're actually at the conference and trying to figure out what to do next.

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Matt Burrows posted Wifi

Anyone know of wifi status at the hotel?

Brian Zisk: Wireless has been great the last 3 Summits (thank you Cliff Skolnick) and expect (though with no guarantees) that it will work fine at this one. -Brian Zisk
hans chung (mokugift): At a recent conference over in Presidio (Green:Net) I think Meraki was the provider. Excellent wifi service. They can set up just for the event. Worth looking into if you have the budget..
Brian Zisk: Thanks for the suggestion, but Cliff Skolnick and Tim Pozar are on it. There are no folks better.

Fri, May 15 at 2:03AM (3 comments)

Good day. Folks have always requested that we build some sort of social network for the SanFran MusicTech Summit, so they can network, reach out to other folks who will be attending, and generally start the conversation before showing up in person. Thus, we have built a CrowdVine site for the Summit. So far, a bit quiet. ;-) What would you like to see from this site? What can we do in order for it to provide value to you? Please feel free to run ... [read more]

Carolyn McCoy: The Social Network is such a great idea. I get to "meet" people even before I meet them, they get to "meet" me. How groovy is that?
Matt Burrows: ditto to the above comment...

Thu, May 14 at 7:38PM (2 comments)

Shoshana Zisk posted Schedule

Hi everyone. I'm posting the schedule now ... click "Schedule" to view the exciting line-up. Some panels have just been added. I will be adding more panels to the schedule soon.

Brian Zisk: Maybe, some of it. ;-)
Sandy Parakilas: seriously, someone needs to hurry up and perfect human cloning so I can attend all the good events that are scheduled concurrently.
Chuck Fishman: I got the Flip HD so let me know where to send my talented cameramen

Thu, May 14 at 10:27AM (5 comments)

Carolyn McCoy posted GAAAH! I am so excited for this!!!

Can't wait for this whole SUmmit to happen! I plan to learn, schmooze, play and gawk. I feel so honored to be a part of this.

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D'Layna Huguez-Dixon posted Schedule

Wow, what a jam packed day! I'll need a drink for sure by the time it's over.....Cocktail party here I come. I look forward to meeting lots of great people and walking away with much info. I hope to meet as many of you that I can and spark up a connection there.

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